Dometic continuously offers specific solutions for your airconditioner made to measures, both for large yachts of manycabins and small pleasure boats, all of them are properly inaccordance with their travel habits. The essence of our line ofre equipment: an air conditioning system of ceiling for largeboats or houseboats; useful accessories for Assembly,management of energy and clean air on board, not tomention our complete mounting kits on their own, to whichwe now offer a new optional indoor acoustics which reducesthe noise of the compressor of these silent systems by 50%.


For a quick and easy equipment re: Dometic marine airconditioning systems integrated cooling, humidification andheating des in a single compact unit. Complete sets includeall necessary mounting materials and a userfriendly controlpanel. Available in three versions of power: 6000, 12000 and16000 BTU/h.


Everything you need for mounting easy and comfortable use:air vents, distribution kit air, air purifiers, centrifugal seawaterpumps, screens and controls elegant and practical. In addition,a new cover acoustic so the compressor will be even quieter.


The solution’s ideal climate for supply boats, patrol boats, and houseboats. Design extremely sturdy, light weight and wide power of cooling up to12000 BTU/HR easy to install, requires no ducts or pipes.