DOMETIC Eco Vent filter – When do we need to change it?

It should be changed every season but, obviously, if the system has a low use, you have to change when it begins bad odors after use the toilet.

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The innovative concave shape of the Dometic ECO vent filter assures that malodorous gases are co

mpletely filtered through activated odor-adsorbing charcoal media. The result is more thorough odor eliminat

ion and the assurance of more enjoyable boating. With the first

major change to the original SeaLand vent filter in over 25 years, Dometic delivers everything boaters want in vent filter performance and serviceability.

Designed as a direct replacement for previous SeaLand and Dometic vent filters, the new ECO vent filter fits in the same installation brackets as older models. Hose adapters for the most popular vent hose sizes are included with the complete vent filter kit: 16mm, 19mm, 25mm y 38mm.

filtro anti olor


Now constructed using recyclable plastics, all Dometic ECO filter components are much more ecologically friendly than previous SeaLand filters and many other current vent filters. The polypropylene hose adapters (plastic #5) for hose sizes or connections that are not needed for an installation can be immediately recycled. The eventually-replaced filter cartridge – made of HDPE (plastic #2) – can also be recycled when properly disposed.

filtro antiolor

The universal filter cartridge, made with 55% less plastic than previous filter cartridges, fits ALL OE-installed Dometic ECO vent filters regardless of the vent hose size for easy replacement. Direct replacement for all previous SeaLand and Dometic vent filters.

adaptadores eco filter

kit de conectores de 16mm, 19mm, 25mm y 38mm.


Key Benefits:

Improved malodorous gas filtration.

New filter cartridge uses 55% less plastic than previous vent filters.

Earth-friendly, recyclable plastic components.

Fits in same space and brackets as previous SeaLand vent filters.

Complete kit includes fittings for most popular vent hose sizes: (16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm).

One replacement cartridge fits all Dometic ECO filter sizes.


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