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After the acquisition of Thrane & Thrane by Cobham plc in July 2012, a new SATCOM Business Unit, called “Cobham SATCOM” was established, where you can obtain the same Sailor / Thrane & Thrane products, as always, with a quality relationship – unbeatable price.

Sailor / Thrane & Thrane systems are backed by Inmarsat-C technology, proven since 1979 in the world’s most reliable and reliable network supply for safety at sea and global maritime communications. And it meets all established naval safety requirements, based on the safest maritime satellite communications systems in the world.

Sailor / Thrane & Thrane products cover all your maritime communication needs, possibly a wide range of communication products ranging from VMS equipment, Maritime Inmarsat and Iridium voice / data solutions to maritime MF / HF VHF communications systems, etc.

It offers a reliable transmission using the Inmarsat-C satellite system, which provides the highest reliability of any maritime communications platform currently available. You can trust that the messages sent will reach their destination. Communication at sea is guaranteed.

All systems are equipped with the guaranteed notification function of the Inmarsat-C system, sending a distress message to the nearest Marine Rescue Coordination Center in case of emergency, by simply pressing an alarm button on the terminal. A distress alert, on which you can depend on a life, that conveys the current position in a matter of minutes, no matter how chaotic the situation.In case of equipment failure, Sailor / Thrane & Thrane has an extensive network of qualified installers, offering to offer the best service.

In Dahlberg SA we have SAILOR and its VMS, Maritime Inmarsat and Iridium voice / data solutions to the maritime MF / HF VHF communications systems, GMDSS.