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Since its foundation in 1992 Satlink has become the leader of the satellite communications industry. Our partnership with the main satellite network operators, such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, give us the ability to provide global coverage for voice and data services to any kind of user, regardless of its location whether at sea, on land or in aircraft. This makes possible to address all needs to our current customer base which are involved in different sectors, with a special emphasis on the maritime industry as the fishing sector represents the backbone of the company where Satlink has a strong position in the market.

In addition, to extend the service to our clients and grow as a company, Satlink began working in Seychelles, opening its office in 2006, to start its international positioning. This strategy was continued in 2008 with the expansion in Latin America, opening an office in Ecuador and most recently, with our presence in the Asian market.

However, the main factor that has contributed to our growth has been our strong conviction to address all customers’ needs. Thanks to our commitment with the IT and R&D department, we provide the most value added services and tailored solution

In DAHLBERG SA, we have VMS, Maritime Inmarsat and Iridium voice / data solutions to the maritime MF / HF VHF, and GMDSS communications systems of SATLINK