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    About us


    DAHLBERG SA, founded in 1961 by Kjell Dahlberg becoming the first company of maintenance and repair of equipment for yachts which was established in Mallorca.

    Became Sociedad Anonima in 1984, taking Marga and Rose, daughters of Mr. Dahlberg the helm of business, representing leading brands in the nautical market.
    We deal mainly with the supply, installation and repair of marine electronic instruments, marine sanitation and liverafts.

    The professionalism, quality and experience are reflected in all our activities. In our day to day we believe in the importance of good work, applying it to everything we do and that ultimately is reflected to you in an excellent service.

    As we move into a dynamic technological environment variable, DAHLBERG SA always tries to be at the forefront of new technologies, diversifying and renewing our product.

    We have been awarded as a firm R & D of the Balearic Islands.

    One of the characteristics that define us is that we are perfectionists, so pay close attention to every detail. The award of ISO 9001:2000 quality standard reflects our quality policy and are a guarantee for you.