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The first marine toilet to use four different flushing technologies, the versatile solution offers the comfort and feel of a home bathroom unit.

Dometic is presenting the elegant Moderno toilet featuring the innovative VariFlush technology and HandWave Control Panel for touchless operation.
A first in the industry, the versatile Dometic Moderno toilet equipped with VariFlush allows a single bowl to use any of four different dynamic Dometic flushing technologies: VacuFlush, MasterFlush, RushFlush or Gravity.
The modern-styled toilet is an all-ceramic bowl that is elongated and tall to provide the comfort and feel of a home bathroom toilet.

Featuring a slow close seat for silent operation and wraparound lid, the toilet has smooth-contour modern styling for easy, convenient cleaning and improved hygiene.
The Toilet Control Panel, used in conjunction with the Moderno toilet, has HandWave motion sense technology and capacitive touch display, allowing users to flush the toilet without touching the display. For easy operation without language barriers, intuitive icons include options to add water, flush, or service. Each of the icons has backlighting to enhance low light visibility. The Control Panel is backward compatible so boaters who want to upgrade to the Moderno toilet can replace an existing panel without remodeling.

The Moderno toilet is available in white or bone and in 12V DC or 24V DC. Additionally, there is an optional bidet  seat available in white only.
The Toilet Control Panel is available in black frame and is compatible with Vimar Eikon, Vimar Idea, and Gewiss Chorus frames.

Dometic’s popular flushing technologies include:

▪ VacuFlush: Using the most water-efficient flushing method available, bowl contents are powerfully pulled from the toilet via a vacuum generator and pushed to the holding tank
▪ MasterFlush: Offering normal or ‘dry-bowl’ flushing, powerful motorised blades thoroughly macerate waste into   viscous slurry before the waste goes to the holding tank
▪ RushFlush: High-velocity water jets simultaneously rinse the bowl, macerate, and drive waste to the discharge  plumbing
Gravity Flush: An age-old standard used if discharge plumbing is directly below the toilet


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