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Duarry Life Rafts Manual

LOGO DUARRYBy buying a Duarry liferaft apart of acquiring a quality product you get a post-service committed to its clients in which you can trust to maintain your maritime safety equipment in optimum conditions during its entire lifetime
mapa estacionesAusmar counts with the biggest service station network in Spain, our business is a proudly part of it providing service for Duarry life rafts and products commercialized by Ausmar.
MODELOS BALSASYou can take a look at the products, on our web page in section: “Life rafts”
Or visit our online shop to see the available models by clicking here.TIENDA ON LINE BALSAS
We have at your disposal the “frequent questions – FAQ” section, which can help you to solve any concern you might have. You can access it by clicking here.
Please keep in mind that the law establishes that liferafts must be serviced and certified every year to guarantee they work when you really need it. Now you can do it in Mallorca, click here to see where we are located.
PLAN RENOVELiferafts are essential security equipment and should be in optimum conditions. If your liferaft starts to display signs of age you can acquire a new one for an incredible price with the new renewal plan. Ausmar offers a flat rate when bringing your old liferaft, no matter what brand, to obtain a brand-new one.
If your concern is the service cost, we have designed a flat rate for the service which will avoid any kind of unpleasant surprises, letting you know the cost of the coming years’ service. For SOLAS liferafts the flat rate lasts up to 15 years, for ISO liferafts the flat rate lasts 4 years.
CONSEJO 1 BALSAS-1Sadly, the moment when the liferaft comes into action, will be a critical moment thus is why we need to know exactly the steps to follow and which options we have in this situation. Keeping this in mind we try to provide all the indispensable knowledge on our blog and in our “maritime security advice” web section. Keep visiting it to know how to proceed in emergency situation