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DOMETIC Vacuum Pump SW Series 24V

Vacuum Pump SW Series 24V Able to run dry without damaging itself. Without moving impeller that prevents clogging or burning. The unique design of the QuadraValveä valve can  absorb objects …

DOMETIC Vacuum pump SW12

Proven in thousands of motor yachts, our bellows-style vacuum pump has been powering VacuFlush toilets for over 30 years. Provides complete, low-flow flushes on as little as 1 pint (0.5 …


VacuFlush HTS10-VG

Serie HTS – VG Durabilidad superior: Los tanques de almacenaje Sealand son 100% de pura resina de polietileno. Este material es el más adecuado para el diseño de tanques de …