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Certificates Safety

After years of trust, our experience has been key to receiving the following quality labels

ISO 9001:2015

This is to certify that the Management System of Dahlberg S.A. has been approved by Lloyd’s Register to the following standards.

The scope of this approval is applicable to:

Design, installation, repair and supply of electronic equipment for yachts.

Technical support, installation, repair and supply of sanitary equipment for yachts.

Comercialization and maintenance of lifecrafts


Installer of radio communication and radio navigation equipment

We are authorized, with the exclusive category M1, by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to install, repair and maintain any type of radio communication and radio navigation equipment on boats navigating in Zones A1-A4.


DAHLBERG S.A. strives for customer satisfaction by means of excellent products and services, while complying with the legal requirements deriving from the increase of competitiveness, as well as guaranteeing the consolidation and development of the company.
The company strategy states the following goals on short and medium term:

• To cement our good reputation as a supplier and installer of marine electronic equipment and sanitation solutions.

• To improve the efficiency of our After Sales Technical Service, recognizing that it distinguishes DAHLBERG S.A. from other possible competitors in the sector.

• To extend the scope of our activities and markets, taking on representation agreements on a national level, as well as with recognized and prestigious international companies, while adjusting the current dimensions and organisation of the company accordingly.