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From DAHLBERG S.A. We offer you our know-how and our experience of more than 40 years in the manufacture of Duarry liferafts. Leave your safety in our hands!

Our company is part of the network of Duarry liferaft review stations, marketed by AUSMAR, the largest network of service stations in Spain.

Our specialty is rafts. And not only its manufacturing with resistant materials and top quality, but also its periodic review and that of all the products that make it up.

Our wide range of rafts (Balsa COMPACT, Balsa COAST, Balsa SOLAS) allows us to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

When you buy a Duarry liferaft, you not only buy a safety equipment of proven efficiency and with the latest innovations in design, but you also access an after-sales service that you can rely on to keep your survival equipment in optimal conditions throughout All its useful life.

Therefore, with the Plan Renove of Ausmar , when you bring your old raft, no matter what brand, you will get a completely new one at an incredible price.

Renew your safety with a latest model raft, save on maintenance costs and navigate the sea of ​​calm.