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When it’s time to change the toilet?

Next we will show you a couple of reasons why it’s recommended that you change your old wc for a new model, so that you can avoid uncomfortable problems like:

  • Bad odor
  • Clogging problems
  • Inefficiency or high noise
  • Lack of parts

It has bad odor or it’s difficult to use:

When an installation smells bad it is usually caused by:

  • The hoses are not properly empty
  • It’s used sea water in the system
  • Low maintenance and cleaning
  • Overfilled tanks

tanque con muchas mangueras

And when the owner of the boat knows how to use the sanitation installation but the guests don’t, we find ourselves in a big problem.

dificil de manejar

Your WC breaks or clogs often:

 It’s the most common problem that our customers suffer and can be caused by:

  • Complicated installations
  • Use of inadequate toilet paper
  • Low maintenance of the system

manguera con sedimento

conexiones complicadas manguera


Too noisy, high water or electricity consumption:

RUIDODid you notice that lately your wc doesn’t let you sleep, the tanks doesn’t last long and the batteries consume very quick? That means that your sanitation system makes excessive noise or has high water and electricity consumption.

When Replacing your toilet for a new model to get rid of this kind of problems is the only solution.

Your sanitation system is obsolete and you can’t find replacement parts. The update time has come.

Throw your problems overboad!

 inodoro con cubo











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