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Dometic / Sealand


Since 2004 Dahlberg S.A has obtained excellent sales results that have been awarded in Spain and internationally.

Advanced sanitation systems suitable for all types of boats.

Sealand, a company acquired by Dometic in 2001, is known worldwide for the manufacture of high quality ceramic toilets. Sealand products, oriented mainly to the nautical market, are incomparable in terms of design, quality and price.

Combining the latest technology with high quality materials and components, the company has won several international design awards. Sealand is always modern, innovative and ambitious, quality control is incessant and uncompromising. Miles of units are experienced, to meet all kinds of sanitation facilities needs in vessels from any corner of the world.

Dometic marine sanitation facilities experts offer you the most advanced sanitation system according to the needs of your barcode and your navigation style. Our range of technological solutions: Vacuflush (vacuum), MasterFlush (electric) and gravity discharge, the selection of complete options, all top quality.

And to complete the offer of solutions for your barcode, Dometic also offers vacuum generators, vacuum sewage tanks, standard storage tanks and other accessories that work easy and proven use.

Sealand products are distributed through an international network of mobile providers, with after-sales assistance and global services network in more than 50 countries, and Dahlberg S.A. is pleased to offer others.

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