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DTD02A tank discharge control 12V

 DTD02A Tank discharge management with seacock warning light  12V Sealand/Dometic


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    DTD02A tank discharge-seacock control

    Combined with SeaLand discharge pump and DTM04 four-level tank monitor system (sold separately), DTD02A tank discharge controls offer fully automated monitoring and discharge of holding tank contents. When re-entering restricted “no discharge” waters, the switch can be turned off and the key removed for U.S. Coast Guard-approved security. Manual discharge pump operation and “closed seacock” warning indicator. Fully-automatic operation when connected to DTM04 tank monitor system and SeaLand discharge pump. DTD02A panel provides warning indicator and prevents discharge pump operation if seacock is closed; prevents pump or boat damage.

     Key benefits

    • Integrated seacock relay alerts user and prevents discharge pump operation if seacock is closed
    • Automatically activates overboard discharge pump for use in unrestricted waters
    • When integrated with DTM04 tank monitor, discharge pump automatically turns on when “mid” level is reached, then shuts off when tank is empty
    • Available in black or white
    • 12 V DC or 24 V DC models
    • Keyed control switch provides USCG-approved security; no mechanical preventive devices on discharge plumbing are required when key is removed
    • Green light indicates when discharge pump is operating

    Measures: 83 x 83 x 10 mm. Wheight: 1,0Kg Consumption: 0,16A


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