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Sanimarin Exclusive Medium macerator toilet 24V

    Ref JSF0601 Electric toilet. Standard height. 24V



    To find the most adapted solution to modern yachting requirements and the ever-more luxurious needs of the pleasure boat market, SANIMARIN has developed theExclusive range.

    The range comes in 2 models, Exclusive Short and Exclusive Medium: aside from a modern design, they also offer a new, more powerful flushing system.

    These EXCLUSIVE models offer a full SFA keypad with 2 flushing cycles, a tank management “tank full” light as well as an “empty” button to empty the tank in choppy seas

    The Exclusive Medium toilet is now SANIMARIN’s top of the range toilet, satisfying both legitimate needs for modernity thanks to a modern design and a permanent quest for comfort on board.


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