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Masterflush 7220 – 12V – DOMETIC

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    Electric toilet Masterflush MF7220 12V

    This space-saving toilet is ideal for replacing your old manual toilet.

    The compact base fits perfectly the plumbing points of most commonly used boat toilets. And the best of all, the 360° ORBIT installation feature means the base can be fixed to any angle to the bowl to avoid walls or adapt to diverse bathroom layouts. The new MasterFlush finds place even where no other nautical toilet could fit. Another asset is the highly effective macerator system, its 10-blade stainless Steel cutting wheel pulverizes waste for optimum effluent flow. This also reduces the possibility of bad odors. Enjoy new comfort on board!

    Technology ToiletElectric
    Water supplyFresh
    High mm337
    Width mm369
    Depth mm477
    Weight kg16
    Distance from the base to the wall mm350
    Consumption Amp25


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