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TECMA Elegance 2G Flexiline

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    The Elegance 2G and its models are the ‘small bowl’ size model of the Flexi Line, which is all about maximizing the comfort within reduced space. The length of 43 cm / 16.9 inches creates the -at-home seat feeling.

    To create an even more domestic comfort level, the Bidet Elegance 2G complements your bathroom as elegant couple.

    Weight22,5 kg/ 49,6 lbWeight13 kg/ 28,7 lb
    Water Usage0,5-2,7 L/ 0,1-0,7 gal per flush
    Seat and coverPolyester coated woodPolyester coated wood with soft closing: white, Polyester coated wood: black, Thermosetting with soft closing: white, Thermosetting: white/ bone
    Outlet pumpMAC 11 12/24vMAC 11 110/230v
    Inlet deviceSolenoidSolenoid
    Control panelAll-in-one  SFTMultiframe SFT / Touch SFT Multifunction
    Matching bidetBidet Elegance 2G
    Toilet optionalElegance 2GIntegrated bidet funcion


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