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Renewal Plan: 6 pax Liferaft SOLAS pack B

    Renewal plan: Liferafts Duarry 6 prs SOLAS pack B throw overboard.

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    The Renewal Plan of Ausmar allows you to change your old liferaft – regardless of the brand – to a completely new one at a great price. Be safe with a latest model liferaft, save in maintenance costs and go to sea with a peace of mind.

    Additionally, the Renewal Plan gives you an option to guarantee your safety with a flat rate for 10 years.

    When evaluating the cost of a liferaft, the most important factor is not the purchase price, but the cost of maintenance, as by law all liferafts must be inspected annually.

    With time, these inspections get more expensive as more components and accessories of the liferaft have to be changed. For this reason some inspections can end up being more expensive than others. But you don´t need to worry about unpleasant surprises, the 10 year Flat Rate allows you to pay the same for every inspection, all inclusive. Without increased fees or surprises.

    A Throw Over liferaft with capacity for 10 persons, SOLAS Pack B, measurement of 123x64x55 cm and weight 82 kg. For more information, click….

    Please contact us for information about other sizes.


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