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Tank monitor DTM04 55,8 cm with vent Sealand/Dometic

Tank monitor Dometic DTM04 55,8 cm with vent


    Authorized Technical Service by Dahlberg SA Spain, MallorcaDahlbegr SA Official distributor Spain, Mallorca 1


    Tank monitor DTM04 55,8 cm with vent

    The Dometic DTM tank level system

    • Vigilate permanently, the level of the storage tank. The floating microswitches indicate the levels: vacuum, low, medium and full. The international symbology of the four levels of filling is universally understandable.
    • There is always a light on, and only one. It eliminates the possibility of confusion.
    • Without erroneous reading. Electrical components don’t come into contact with waste or water. It operates on 12 or 24 volts VDC.
    • Easy installation. It can be mounted in any tank of drinking water, gray or black.
    • Available with adjustable probes up to 56 or 114 cm.
    • Use the optional Universal SeaLand Kit (part no. 230272) to mount it in existing rigid tanks.
    • Includes cover with three floating microswitches (with or without 16 mm ventilation hose adapter), indicator panel, bracket and stainless steel installation hardware.
    • Optional closing relay. Stops toilet operation when tank is full.

    See the part view here

    monitor and tanks replacement parts guide

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