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TECMA Sanisplit 24V T-PF.SPLIT/NK24V

Sanisplit Tecma 24V T-PF.SPLIT/NK24V


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    Tecma spare parts Sanisplit 24V T-PF.SPLIT/NK24V

    The Sanisplit is an automatic pumping unit which transfers water from the bidet to the collection tank irrespective of gradient, so also serves showers and washbasins. The Sanisplit has a powerful and silent centrifugal pump. It is controlled by a pressure switch which starts the pump as soon as the water arrives in the unit’s collection tank.


    Power 24V

    Box material Plastic

    Color White

    Weight 8.0 Kg / 17.6 lb (fully assembled)

    Outlet pump 24 v ac

    Fuse 30A

    Pump performance Max 270 L/min 71.3 gpm – Max vertical head
    11mt / 36.1 ft – Max horizontal distance 90 mt / 295.3 ft


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