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DOMETIC Vacuflush 5009

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    Vacuflush 5009 vacuum toilet

    SeaLand 5000 series VacuFlush® toilets deliver many value-added benefits of a vacuum toilet system to a wide range of boat installations. The clean, odor-free performance of VacuFlush 5000 series toilets is the result of freshwater flushing, instantaneous evacuation of bowl contents, and thorough rinsing action. Using only 0.13 US gal. (0.5 liter) per flush, 5000 series toilets greatly extend the use of a holding tank between pump-outs as compared to manual and other electric toilets which consume three or four times more water. An integral water-line check valve provides anti-siphon protection for freshwater systems.
    Available in three heights, the 5000 series will accommodate diverse floor plans,
    including placement on raised platforms. Shallow front-to-back footprint dimensions
    allow boatowners fit one in virtually any space. All three sizes are available in sparkling
    white and bone colors.
    •„Powerful vacuum flush; foot-pedal activated.
    •Ultra low water consumption – only 1 pint (0.5 liter) per flush.
    •„„Small footprint – fits in most any head compartment.
    •„„Full-size residential-style wood seat.
    •„„Deep, household-size bowl.
    •„„Three heights available – standard, medium and low-profile.
    •„„Through-the-floor or through-the-wall discharge options.
    •„„12 V DC or 24 V DC operation (connects to VacuFlush vacuum Pedal Lock generator or holding tank system).

    Requirement: Connection to a vacuum generator, vacuum pump in combination with vacuum tank or waste water tank with integrated vacuum generator.

    Tecnhology ToiletVacuum
    Water supplyFresh
    High mm441
    Width mm378
    Depth mm467
    Distance from base to wall337
    Water supply Lpm7.6
    Required componentVacuum generator
    Weight kg15.75
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