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Vacuum generator VG4 12V Sealand/Dometic


Vacuum generator VG4 12V Sealand/Dometic


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    Vacuum generator VG4 12V

    The combination of vacuum tank and pump series W: saves space and facilitates installation.

    • The preprogrammed differential switch activates or deactivates the pump in order to maintain the proper vacuum level.
    • Minimizes as much as possible the possibility of jams because the check valves (of duck bill) have increased from a diameter of 38mm to 51mm.
    • Pump connections are interchangeable and are quick-fit coupling type. They make the installation of hoses really comfortable and simple.
    • The vacuum pump is attached to a rotating base for easy installation and can guide the pump to the hoses quickly. Two Vacuflush toilets can be connected to this generator (Series 3000 – 3600 models only).
    • The direct flow bellows pump consumes only four to 6 amps. The switch and the pump are pre-wired.
    • The tank is molded in two pieces in reinforced polypropylene. It must be mounted horizontally. Support rods included. 38 mm hose fittings.

    SERIE 5000

    Owner’s Manual




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